Friday, August 31, 2012

Orioles vs. Yankees Rivalry Returns

The Orioles are in the Bronx tonight and for the first time in fifteen years, the series has meaning. Yes, that's right. It's August and the games are critical. The upstart Birds are within three games of first place.

And for me, the outcome doesn't matter. Win or lose, we are in a fight no one expected. Don't get me wrong. I want to win, at all costs--but if we don't, that's fine too.

It's all gravy from here on in.

I remember the rivalry as a kid. Yankees like Thurman Munson, Chris Chambliss, Reggie Jackson and even Roy White played well against us. Pitcher Mel Stottlemeyer was an Oriole killer. I gnawed the sticks of fudgsicles as he dismantled Oriole line-ups.

I made a sign once at Memorial Stadium--"Yankees beware, here comes Paul Blair."  My grandmother invented that line.

I went to see many Oriole vs. Yankee contests when I lived in Manhattan.  During 14 losing seasons, I watched almost all of those games as we found new ways to lose.

It's almost September and a winning season is within our grasp and so is a pennant.

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