Saturday, June 05, 2010

Goodbye Dave Trembley, Hello Bums

In his first year of managing the Orioles, Trembley's post-game pressers were loaded with emotion and motivational talks. At times, they were better than the nine innings that went before it. He talked about players "respecting the game" and his interactions with the young talent. He welled up with tears of joy when players reached their potential. He was a leader, a field general, commander of the Oriole enterprise.

As it turned out, a lot of these young players didn't "respect the game." They didn't run out ground balls and became so accustomed to losing that they will never know how to win. "They don't want to learn the fundamentals," said Paul Blair last fall when I ran into him at a Brooks Robinson event.

Dave didn't play the game at the Major League level but he had that extra skill-set as a born teacher to help nurture young talent. The difference between a great prospect and an all-star is that extra leadership piece, that innate sense of wanting to change the game with one at-bat or one pitch.

These guys might not have that in them. Jones, Reimold, Markakis, Wieters, Roberts, and Matuscz might not possess that extra desire for greatness. They are still young and time will tell. The organization is not a patient one and they have rushed players.

They don't play as a team. I listened to an interview with Justin Morneau about what a great season he was having and he used the opportunity to talk about everyone else on the Twins--his teammates.

In Dave's absence, it will be nice to see at least one player stand up and take ownership. That is, if they have it in them.
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