Friday, September 07, 2012

Orioles Blast Yankees, 10-6

I listened to the game last night while driving back from my teaching engagement in Alexandria. The Orioles had a 6-1 lead in the seventh and were in control.

I started to think ahead in the series to game two. We had this one.

The Yankees scored a run in the eighth, and then another. Suddenly it was 6-3 and they were in striking distance. We changed pitchers and brought in Pedro Strop. A wild pitch moved runners into scoring position. A walk loaded the bases. Another walk cut the lead to 6-4. ichiro singled in two more to tie the game.

The reigning heavyweight champion of the American League East had gotten up off the mat swinging. Mercifully, O'Day put an end to the uprising by getting Jeter to end the inning.

About 4 miles from the ballpark, Adam Jones homered to make it 7-6. With a thunderous roar, the crowd sounded like they do during a Ravens game.  I turned the radio up and gave a rebel yell. Then Reynolds sent a ball high into deep left with Wieters on first.  Oriole announcer Joe Angel paused as the ball landed 3 rows deep into the stands and let the crowd make the call. It was 9-6.

With the stadium in my sights, Chris Davis homered. I elected to drive by the ballpark instead of taking MLK. I beeped my horn several times as I road past. You could hear the crowd chanting and it felt like the street was shaking.

I pulled up to a light and gave a thumbs up to a guy wearing an O's cap.

"Are you listening?" He asked.  "It's unbelievable," I replied. "I'm going tomorrow night."

It's Orange Friday in Baltimore.


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