Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bye Bye Bedard

Erik Bedard pitched some great games for the Orioles over the last several years. He had all the mannerisms of an Oriole pitcher down to the way he peered over his glove prior to delivery and took his place next to McNalley, Flanagan, and MacGregor as a legendary Baltimore left-hander. But he sulked and brooded and acted like he was miserable to be an Oriole--a kind of Pete Sampras approach to things. One season, he had a knee injury and the word in the aisles of Eddie's grocery store was that he wasn't tough enough to play through pain. Regardless of how good he was in Baltimore, his efforts weren't enough to turn the franchise around. He had no interest in owning a decade of losing. In past years, we would have lost a player like him to free agency. Now at least we have something to build on in the wake of his departure. As for the Mariners, they have a legitimate shot to make some noise, provided they can keep Bedard happy. He will be wearing a different uniform but he will still be the same old Erik.
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