Monday, August 13, 2007

Oriole Baseball, 1966 - 2007

The fumes of Friday night's comeback win had begun to fade as I watched the game yesterday afternoon with my father over in Baltimore. We didn't attend the game in person but we did have a nice family gathering that included a cookout. I've attended many games over the years with my father and the Orioles have been a binding force in our relationship, wherever we are at the time, the Birds have a way of focusing us in on a common pursuit. We might not necessarily agree on politics but we share similar opinions concerning how baseball ought to be played in our native Baltimore. We attended Game 4 of the 1970 World Series together and 2130 for Cal. Supposedly, I attended a 1966 World Series game, but I was too young to remember that one. We both agree that Dave Trembley should be our leader for the future. With my infant son at my feet, we watched the Orioles mount another stirring late inning comeback against the Red Sox. They rescued a game that looked like it was sure to be an uneventful loss at the hands of the best team in baseball. Trachsel had escaped disaster all afternoon, aided in two intances by the glove of Melvin Mora at third. Miguel Tejada came up big in the eighth and Millar clubbed a walkoff home run in the 10th. We listened to the postgame show on a radio. My dad barbecued salmon and tuna and I made a salad. It reminded me of the Oriole theme song in the early seventies: "Oriole Baseball, father and son having fun together." I can't remember the last time I watched a game with my Dad.


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