Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dave Trembley is Here to Stay

It's been a rollercoaster week in Birdland. At one point we had Andy MacPhail poised to name Joe Girardi as manager but things didn't work out. Girardi wanted to have an opt out clause to allow him to take either the Cubs or Yankees jobs should they become available. Guthrie pitched a gem against the Padres. Tejada's on the DL. Bedard may follow. The Orioles played tremendous defense last night behind two-hit ball from Daniel Cabrera. My wife wants me to come to bed instead of watching the west coast games, but I'm a kid again staying up late to see the outcome. It's okay, because I do the dishes, clean the kitchen, etc.

Rising out of the ashes is a seasoned "interim" manager from the Orioles minor league system named Dave Trembley. "Respect the game," he told his lethargic millionaire charges before Tuesday's tilt against the Padres and they have responded thus far. I tuned in to see what I thought looked like William Shatner in an Orioles uniform. "Play one inning at a time. Win one inning at a time," Trembley preaches. He's not afraid to get into anyone's face. The clearest distinction between Trembley and Perlozzo is this. Trembley manages. Perlozzo coached.

It's summertime in the land of pleasant living and that means steamed crabs, sno-balls, sweetcorn and baseball at the Yard. It's a whole new ballgame.


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