Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Tony Soprano didn't go out with a bang or a whimper, he just went. He was in the moment enjoying an onion ring at a local diner with his family. There wasn't anybody capable of taking him out. The Feds were moving in, but that's not an interesting ending. The season was about what didn't happen. Tony was on the verge of killing Bobby and Paulie in the first few episodes. Instead, he ended Christopher's life who had increasingly become a liability. Christopher unexpectedly and senselessly killed his altar ego JT. There was promise. Many incredible scenes such as AJ's truck exploding as Dylan's "It's Alright Ma" melted into the dashboard. There was the bullet from Bobby's first killing that entered the dryer and kept spinning. There was a peyote trip. In the end, Tony experienced an epiphany over a stack of onion rings. It's hard to say what motivates my Orioles these days, not a bang or a whimper, a plate of onion rings, nothing.


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